Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) Permits

Agricultural Structure Plan (Standard Plan) for Agricultural Stormwater in Construction & Post-Construction

An ephemeral wetland forebay is one of the Best Management Practices in a Standard Plan (Image courtesy of DNREC)

NPDES Construction Permits

DelDOT Farm Entrance Permits

Financial Assistance for Conservation & Best Management Practices

Image courtesy of Daniel Zencak

  • The Sussex Conservation District, Kent Conservation District and New Castle Conservation District offer technical and financial assistance for conservation planning and practice implementation for poultry farmers.
  • Delaware Natural Resources Conservation Service offers technical and financial assistance to farmers, including new poultry farmers.
  • The State Revolving Fund ( SRF) Agricultural Nonpoint Source ( AgNPSLP) Loan Program provides a source of low interest financing for managing poultry manure, dead poultry, and other sources of poultry related pollution in an environmentally sound and cost effective manner. These loans help poultry farmers implement best management practices on their farms to reduce the potential for pollution from their farming operations. This program is managed jointly by the Financial Assistance Branch, the Division of Soil and Water Conservation, and the state’s Conservation Districts.

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